Here’s what we’re planning for the 2019 Spring Conference!

We encourage you to check back here now and again. We’ll update this area as we line up speakers and hone workshop topics.

Thursday Preconferences

9 - 11 am

Expanding Earned Income and attracting Funders

Learn from the experience of our presenters about how they expanded their income with a variety of strategies. Over the two-hour period, some presenters will discuss earned income ideas that have proved successful at their media centers, others will discuss how they have attracted corporate and non-profit organization funding for projects.


Maybe you never took this class in school and maybe you don’t often script a feature program, but you realize that more and more this skill is needed as the demand for brief videos for web audiences keeps growing. In this two-hour class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of writing a feature program script emphasizing the short format.

Low Power FM Radio Meeting

Are you producing radio shows? Managing an LPFM radio station? You’re invited to this meeting, which will tackle the latest pressing issues facing LPFM radio stations and encourage a wide-ranging discussion about the best ideas you’ve had for making your radio station pop!

Opening Luncheon Speaker

Friday Breakfast Speaker

Friday Lunch Speaker

Celebrating PEG Access Television in the Midst of Challenging Times

Our special guest speakers will remind us of the key role we play in the media landscape and update us on the current threats to the existence of public, education, and government access television coming from the Federal Communications Commission and a Supreme Court case and what we can do about it.

Closed Captioning and the ADA Requirements

All public, education, and government access centers need to be mindful of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its requirement that schools, local governments, and the organizations they fund like non-profit public access centers to “effectively communicate.”

What’s the Plan?

At our joint annual meetings, we’ll talk about what steps WCM and ACM are taking to meet the challenges we face from the FCC and the Supreme Court and how YOU can help.

Concurrent Workshops







(all workshops are 50 minutes each)

Developing Volunteers and Part-Time Staff

Find out how to develop your volunteers and part-time staff into the staff you need. We’ll explore various strategies that promote retention, job satisfaction and skill building.

Behind Every Great Video is Great Audio

Great audio is a must. Without it, the best video is likely to fail. This workshop explores how to get your audio right during a production and how to fix your mistakes in post-production.

What Works!

Back by popular demand! We’ll be scouring our member centers to find the best nifty ideas you’ve come up with this year. It could be a piece of equipment, a new app, a new kind of program, a management trick — anything! As we get closer to the date, we’ll let you know what kind of ideas we’ll be bringing to you.

Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

We all know that a beautifully lit set or outdoor setting doesn’t happen by accident. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your video attract the eye with professional lighting tricks and practices.

Creating a win-win partnership with your local newspaper

Sun Prairie Media Center and the Sun Prairie Star have forged a mutually beneficial relationship. Learn how the partnership started and how the different strengths of each has made working together a win-win-win for SPMC, the Sun Prairie Star, and the community.

The 3 most commonly used social media platforms and how to utilize them effectively

Are you looking to broaden your use of social media? Use social media more effectively? In this workshop we’ll talk about audiences, best practices guidelines for content, and how to do your first post.

Planning Wisely for Capital Equipment Replacement

Equipment replacement is a tricky thing in a media center environment where pieces are engineered to work together. You want to keep equipment that has not yet reached the end of its useful life, but replace old worn out pieces with the forward-looking equipment you need to serve you well into the future. What kinds of integration issues are you likely to face? Join this discussion about what all to consider.

The State of the Cable Industry and Its Competitors

Audiences are viewing video in a lot of different ways, from Hulu to NetFlix to Video-On-Demand websites to Cable TV and rabbit ears. If consumers are moving away from traditional cable television, where should community television go to serve our communities best?

Selecting an NDI (Network Digital Interface) and Robotic Production Equipment

A media center manager and equipment vendor provide their unique perspectives on selecting and installing robotic equipment in meeting room settings.

Developing an App for your Community Media Center

Make it easy for your viewers, volunteers, community producers and the community at large to plug into what you’re doing. How one center is working with a developer to craft an app solution to boost viewership.

Advocacy Strategies

Media center managers share how they have built community support for their media center one step at a time.

How to Utilize Over-The-Top platforms

Are you looking for an alternative to cable TV to distribute your programming? There are several OTT platforms available, but which ones will integrate easily with the systems you have? A panel of media center managers and vendors share their expertise in selecting and integrating OTT platforms