Here’s what we’re planning for the 2019 Spring Conference!

We’ve provided some additional information here that we couldn’t fit in the brochure. To download this info, see the brochure.

Thursday Preconferences
9 - 11 am

Income 101

We’ve invited media center staff and a youth program director to talk about ways they have successfully earned income and secured grant funding.  You’ll take away lots of great tips and ideas for adding to your income.

John Wasylko, Brunswick Educational Access Television – “The Beat” - John has a long track record of attracting all of the financial support The Beat needs from corporations and community organizations. The Beat teaches middle school and high school students television production. The students in turn provide programming to the community that it values.

Bonnie Schumacher, Public Access Director, St Paul Neighborhood Network — Bonnie will talk about how to leverage grants, develop income-producing production services and how to set up "pay as you go" fees for classes.

Howard Kleinstein, Director of Communications, Village of Mount Prospect Digital Communication — Howard will describe how the Village’s charge-back system works and how the MPDC works with other local jurisdictions to produce needed programming.

John Kelly, Studio Coordinator, Trempealeau County Community Television - TCCTV manages a highly successful on-air auction every year that provides a substantial boost to its budget and its profile in the community.

Heather Rigby, Outreach & Communications Coordinator, Valley Media Works, Eau Claire - Heather is VMW’s grant researcher and fundraiser and she will be sharing what she’s learned over the last several years in promoting support for community television.

Jim Knightwright, Moderator


This interactive session will help you organize your approach to creating any kind of script.  We’ll combine a collection of script samples and software templates with a discussion on scene description, dialogue, and formatting options.  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops and support materials to the workshop.

Jim Mead, Director of UWW-TV and Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Heather Rigby, Outreach & Communications Coordiantor, Valley Media Works, Eau Claire

Low Power FM Radio Meeting

Are you and your LPFM station ready for FCC license renewal?  We’ll go over the process and review important deadline dates.  Also, we’ll talk about products on the market for live remotes, call-ins, and streaming.  As always, we’ll talk about what’s happening at our stations, new adventures, trials and tribulations, experiments and failures!  Bring your news to share!

Ryan VanLanduyt, Executive Director, Rice Lake Community Media and WYRL Radio

Andy Radig, Multimedia Coordinator, City of Wisconsin Rapids, formerly with Oshkosh Media and WOCT-LP Radio

Chris Crump, Comrex Corporation 9 - 11 am

Keynote Presentation: Celebrating Access Television in the Midst of Challenges

Thursday, May 9, Noon Luncheon


Jodi Miller, Past President of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) and Executive Director, NDC4 Cable Commission & Town Square Television, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Brian Grogan, Attorney, Moss & Barnett, Minneapolis


Our core mission, to build an interactive local media that is accessible to everyone and reflects the needs and interests of our communities, has never been more important.  In this divisive political landscape, local voices, local stories, and true community dialog about critical human issues need to be elevated.  But perhaps it is no surprise that PEG media and local franchise fees are facing serious threats. Hear the latest updates on FCC proceedings, court cases, and federal and state legislation that impact funding, the definition of "public forum," and wireless/small cell siting in the right-of-way -- all issues that pit local control and local revenues against the financial interests of telecommunications companies.   How do PEG and local media issues relate to rights-of-way and local control? What can PEG stations and local governments do to take action on these issues?  How can we learn from each other and share resources?

Breakfast Presentation:
Captioning Programs

Friday, May 10 8:30 am

PEG media centers need to be aware of the provision in the Americans with Disabilities Act that require schools and local governments to use “Effective Communication” to reach all constituents.  We’ll discuss captioning methods and offer ideas on how to develop a plan based on your budget size.

Daniell Krawczyk, Founder, Municipal Captioning         

Ross Rowe, Multimedia Coordinator, EGTV, Elk Grove Village, Moderator

Lunch and Public Policy Report:
Wisconsin Community Media and the Alliance for Community Media

Friday, May 10 1:30 pm

We’ll update you on the status of our public policy work on the state and federal levels.  What can cities and community media advocates do to move our priorities forward in the political realm?

Mike Wassenaar, President and CEO, Alliance for Community Media

Mary Cardona, Executive Director, Wisconsin Community Media

Thursday Concurrent Workshops

2 pm

Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

Learn how to enhance outdoor shoots, combat poor indoor event lighting conditions, and add lighting to in-studio situations for drama and interest.

Ned McGregor, Barbizon Lighting Company

Win-Win Partnerships

Discover how to create mutually beneficial partnerships with other media to leverage your resources, offer more value, extend your reach, and draw in volunteers.

Chris Mertes, Managing Editor, Sun Prairie Star

Jeff Robbins, Executive Director, Sun Prairie Media Center

David Dickinson, Co-Coordinator, Wausau Area Access Media

Ask an Attorney  

You can follow up with Brian on the regulatory and court cases discussed during the keynote presentation or bring up a legal problem you’re wrestling with at your media center.  Now’s your chance!

Brian Grogan, Attorney, Moss & Barnett, Minneapolis

2:55 pm

What Works! Pick a Table!

Back by popular demand! Media center staff share what works for them.  Pick what you’d like to learn about by sitting at one of four tables.  You can stay at one table the whole hour or take in all four tables by switching when time is up!

Derek Westby, Communications Manager and IT Operations Specialist, WSTO Stoughton —  Learn how to set up a Sling Studio.

Jeff Robbins, Executive Director, Sun Prairie Media Center —  Discover how to use a simple and free web captioner.

Aaron Rigby, Production Manager, Valley Media Works.  See how to use a DokuWiki to store everything from “how to do the camera setup” to equipment manuals in one location, so your center’s important information can be found easily by anyone, anytime.

Padrick Dunn, West Bend Community Television.  Find out how one media center achieved exponential growth in its social media presence.

Pull Back the Curtain and Bring Your Video to Life with Social Media

Enhance and enliven people's perceptions of what we do as producers and as local media centers through a thriving digital presence.  We’ll discuss how to create and use additional program footage and behind-the-scenes back stories to bolster your marketing and branding efforts and to improve connections with your audiences.  We’ll talk about how to approach storytelling from a digital-first perspective and how to utilize tools like Live Video (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), Stories (Facebook and Instagram), and more to bring your stories to life in new and exciting ways.

Josh Klemons, Reverbal Communications

4:10 pm

Great Videos Have Great Audio - How To Do It Right

Get tips on prepping for shoots, picking the right microphone, placing mics correctly, and what can (and can’t) be done to “fix it” in post-production.  Our panel will share their experiences and then invite session participants to join the conversation with questions and solutions for hard-to-mike situations.

Aaron Rigby, Production Manager, Valley Media Works, Eau Claire

Todd Bowie, Communication Liaison, Madison Area Technical College

A Little Help Here, Please!

Learn how to draw in, engage, and retain great volunteers and part-time staff to bolster your center’s talents.  Fostering long-term volunteer and employee relationships is extremely beneficial to centers because it helps people develop the skills they may need for your next full-time opening!

Bonnie Schumacher, Public Access Manager, St. Paul Neighborhood Network

Faatima Khan, Director of Corporate and Community Engagement, United Way of Dane County

Molly Meister, Director of Communications, United Way of Dane County

Lisa Wolf, Production Manager, Sun Prairie Media Center, Moderator

Friday Concurrent Workshops

10:15 am

How Far Can You Stretch Your Capital Budget to Handle Your Organization’s Needs?

We’ll explore capital equipment replacement (including production equipment, office equipment and vehicles), discuss integrating current equipment, and address other issues that come up.

Jeff Robbins, Sun Prairie Media Center

Jake Timm, Oshkosh Media

Ross Rowe, EGTV, Elk Grove Village

Successful Advocacy Begins at Home - Building Support for Your Media Center One Step at a Time  

Effective advocacy on the state and federal levels relies on the support media centers build for themselves on the local level.  "All politics is local."  Learn how to position yourself for long-term success by promoting your center and programs to key players, building excitement around the idea of supporting local media, and activating your supporters at critical moments.

Mike Wassenaar, President and CEP of the Alliance for Community Media

Jodie Miller, Past President of NATOA, Executive Director of NDC4 Cable Commission & Town Square Television, Inver Grove Heights, MN

11:20 am

Cable Plus Digital Platforms Equals Engaging Community Media

CCX Media has been successfully distributing local programming to new digital audiences for many years in addition to its cable channels.  Learn about the strategies it uses to significantly increase community and viewer engagement and join in the discussion about how augmenting cable with alternate content delivery methods is changing community media.

Mike Johnson, Executive Director, CCX Media

Upgrading Your Meeting or Event Site?

Learn the nuts and bolts of network-controlled cameras, from ready-to-use systems to build-it-yourself set-ups.  Discuss integration and utilization.

Alan Luckett, Station Manager, JATV Janesville

Jeff Pulera, Video Specialist, Streaming Broadcast Solutions

12:25 pm

OTT Basics

Many TV viewers are cutting the cord and moving to Over-The-Top set-top boxes for their television needs.  This workshop will talk about how to set up and utilize Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast OTT platforms.

Ross Rowe, EGTV, Elk Grove Village
Jake Timm, Oshkosh Media
Scott Mealiff, WSCS - Sheboygan

App It Up!  

Developing an app for your community media center makes it easier for your viewers, volunteers, community producers, and the community-at-large to plug into what you're doing.  See how your programming can be a click away anywhere!  

Steve O’Brien, CEO and Frank La Rosa, Founder, Noble Applications, Madison