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Media Center Memberships

media centers and LPFM radio stations operating in Wisconsin.  Memberships include all people related to your organization.  Member Stations designate a “primary contact” and everyone else is called an “Associate Member.”  Associate Members include all media center staff (volunteer and paid), commission members, city and school officials, and producers who pay a membership fee to the station.  Station Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on the station budget and range from $205 to $310 per year.)  LPFM stations join at a discounted rate the first two years of membership.  Any Station or Associate Member may be elected to the 11-member board of directors for a three-year term.  Each Station Member gets one vote in board elections and matters that come before a membership meeting.

Stations with a budget under $50,000 - $205
Stations with a budget between $50,000 & $99,999 - $245
Stations with a budget between $100,000 & 200,000 - $275
Stations with a budget over $200,000 - $310

New Members for 2018Renewing Members for 2018

Independent Producers - $45

Annual Independent Producer memberships are $45 and they renew on your anniversary date. We welcome producers working in video or radio and who are distributing their programming through community media centers or LPFM radio stations to join as independent producers. A special perk of this level of membership is the ability to use WCM's MediaFire subscription to distribute shows to all WCM member centers throughout Wisconsin with one upload!  Independent Producers may also serve on committees. 

New Independent Producers 2018Renewing for 2018

Friend Memberships - $15

Annual Friend memberships are $15 and they renew on your anniversary date. We welcome everyone to become a friend, except those who qualify to be station members! Friends receive discounts on all WCM-sponsored events and may serve on committees.  At this time, Friend memberships are not tax-deductible. WCM is a 501(c)(6) non-profit.

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Emeritus Memberships - $35

You can be an Emeritus member if you formerly worked at a media access center as a staff person or volunteer. Emeritus members are nominated by either a WCM member station or by the WCM Board of Directors in recognition of dedicated years of service to community television. The year of your nomination, the membership fee is waived. In succeeding years, the fee is $35. Emeritus members are able to serve the organization on the Board of Directors. If elected, Emeritus Members serve a one-year term. When the Station Members vote, Emeritus Members in good standing get one vote, too.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

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Wisconsin Community Media offers Member Stations (and Associates), Independent Producer Members, Friends, and Emeritus Members the following benefits:

  • Monthly eNewsletters. WCM’s Member Update features stories about WCM activities and Wisconsin PEG stations, and provides updates on the latest local, state and national news about community television and telecommunications. The Member Update is designed to keep Wisconsin community media professionals informed, inspired, and in touch.

  • Program sharing. WCM’s program sharing system went digital in Fall 2014 with the use of MediaFire. Station Members and Independent Producer Members are heavily using the service to upload and download programming for play on channels all around the state.

  • Lobbying. In the 2017-2018 session, WCM is lobbying on the state level for reinstatement of rights cities have under federal law that were lost in 2007. Among these rights is the ability to assess a dedicated PEG fee to support PEG stations. Our other two priorities are to have our channels carried by cable companies in the same format as broadcast stations (HD) and to have community programming be listed on the Electronic Program Guide.

  • Outreach and Promotional Opportunities. The publication, WCM Quarterly, features stories about our WCM member media centers and producers. The Quarterly is distributed in print format to state legislators and digitally to our large database of contacts. WCM also manages an active Facebook page and began using Twitter in 2017.

  • Workshops and Conferences. WCM holds a two-day conference each spring at and a one-day workshop each fall at a community television station. Members attend at the discounted member rate. In 2018, the Spring Conference, Best of the Midwest Media Fest Banquet and Show and Exhibitor Fair will be held on May 10 and 11 at the Oshkosh Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center.

  • Best of the Midwest Media Fest. Our annual Media Fest gives professional and amateur community television and radio producers a chance to showcase their programs and receive valuable feedback. For the last five years, the Fest has been open to producers in a nine-state area: Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Producers are rewarded with trophies, plaques, and certificates. Community television centers and Low-Power FM radio stations use the Fest awards to promote their work, as well as to reward producers. The Fest is open to non-members, but members receive a discount. As a WCM “station member,” all programming produced and/or distributed through your station may be entered at the member rate. Deadline to enter is January 23, 2018.
    Fees are due no later than January 30.

  • Information and referral. Do you have a question? Our Executive Director, Mary Cardona, will answer your PEG-related questions, connect you with another member who can, or refer you to an outside source. Mary has worked professionally in the field of community television for nearly 30 years, as a producer, community media center manager and a telecommunications consultant to cities.

  • Media Center Public Search Tool. WCM believes one of the best ways to support our member media centers is to promote their use. The public can use our home page search tool to find and contact a member media center near them. WCM also lists some information about non-member media centers. Members have access to the full database of information we have on media centers.

  • Member Surveys. WCM now has an ongoing survey in the form of member station profiles. These profiles contain all the basic information you might want to know about other community media centers in the state. Targeted surveys gauge member interest in conference topics and WCM also conducts salary surveys.

  • Member Forums and Interest Groups. Members can reach the entire membership with a single e-mail uploaded to the Forum. Members talk about technical and management issues, sell equipment, and promote uploaded programs. Smaller communication groups have been organized around our five Regions (Fox Valley, Dane County, Milwaukee Area, Northern, and Southern), Low-power Radio, and our committees. More can be formed at the request of members. Groups can easily communicate via email with each other and access an archive of emailed messages and files.

  • Member Library. Members have access to our online library, which contains various legal, regulatory, and management materials. WCM also regularly records and archives our conference sessions for review by members.

  • Connections to national community television organizations. WCM enjoys close relationships with the national and Midwest Region of the Alliance for Community Media, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, and American Community Television.

  • Collaboration. Through WCM, our 53 member stations act together to protect and grow community television. As a member of WCM, you will be first to know when a situation is developing and you will be a valuable part of the group that takes action together.

  • Building a strong local media. While this list details how you as a producer and your media center will benefit, the best benefit may be knowing you are helping to build a strong local media network that serves everyone.

Mail checks to Deb payable to Wisconsin Community Media.

Deb Brunett
WCM Treasurer
c/o Merrill Area Public Schools
1201 N. Sales Street
Merrill, WI 54452

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