Sheboygan builds last fiber link to Charter Spectrum


Sheboygan continues to improve its technical infrastructure to provide residents with the highest quality signal from its community TV station, WSCS, as possible.  In 2018 we upgraded our studio and cameras to High Definition (HD).  The previous cameras were more than twenty years old and although they were still operational, the quality of the image suffered.  Once we upgraded our field and studio cameras, we decided to address the transmission link to the cable provider.  We have had conversations, over many years, both internally and with Charter Spectrum representatives, about delivering the local PEG channels via fiber optic cable and finally replacing the original outdated analog coax cable that was installed in 1981.  When a few determined citizens articulated to the common council their concerns and frustrations with the signal quality of WSCS, the city decided to fund the project.  Construction is scheduled to begin in early spring and is expected to be completed summer of 2019.

 Now the city just needs to convince Charter Spectrum to carry the community’s access channel in HD, rather than SD, on its subscriber network – a tall order as Charter does not carry any Wisconsin PEG access channels in HD.